Aqueduct Cycle Path

The main channel of the Apulian aqueduct, one of the greatest feats of hydraulic engineering in the world, runs through the territory of the Murgia dei Trulli.
The Apulian aqueduct (500 km) cycle path is a route for both tourists and hikers. It follows the trail of two historic aqueduct conduits: the Canale Principale (main channel), from Caposele (Avellino) to Villa Castelli (Brindisi) which, in only nine years (1906-1915), was able to supply water to Bari; and the Grande Sifone Leccese which, from the terminal of the first aqueduct, went as far as Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce). Here the infrastructure was commemorated by a monumental waterfall built in 1939 and recently restored.
This unique “narrative itinerary” crosses three regions in the South (Campania, Basilicata and Apulia), linking some of the most fascinating places in the peninsula.
The stretch that crosses the Valle d’Itria, because it is higher than the surrounding countryside, enables visitors to admire a truly impressive panorama, and breathe in the unique scents of the Murgia.