Valle d'Itria For Families

Valle d'Itria for Families offers a unique family friendly holiday package. Throughout the year!
Share the magic of this special territory in the heart of Apulia with us! Our traditional hospitality knows no bounds; the best products in Apulian gastronomy are cultivated here.



Martina Franca



Six guided tours to explore the territory − unique and exclusive experiences for the whole family!
See also our food and wine features.

Hands-on baking

At Masseria Catucci, Martina Franca or Masseria Calongo in Cisternino. Production of orecchiette (“little ears”) pasta, bread, frise (rusks), taralli (small bagel rings) and biscuits in wood ovens, followed by tasting on site.

Wholesome fresh milk in the Valle d'Itria

Workshop on making mozzarella and other cheeses, with visits to livestock farms, the Montanaro farm, Masseria Montereale, and the CAVI Cooperative in Cisternino, followed by tasting.

From garden to table

Learn to recognize 0-km home-grown produce, gather fruit, and make jams and preserves at Masseria Calongo in Cisternino.

Majestic capocollo from Martina Franca

Visit Cervellara livestock farm and production unit, with final tasting of cured meats.

Stroll around the macchia mediterranea countryside. But it’s more fun on a bicycle!

Cycle ride from Albergabici in the Coastal Dune Park to Zizzi farm, with a visit to the olive groves, an in-depth study of macchia mediterranea plants, and olive oil tasting.

In vino veritas

Learn about the nectar of the gods, with an evocative tour amid roses and vines at the Bufano winery, minutes away from the old town centre of Locorotondo, on the scenic terraced slopes that surround one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy.


Itineraries specifically planned for families can be tailored according to requirements

Harvesting grapes in the Valle d’Itria

August to September

Cycling in the Valle d’Itria

April to October

Summer fruit

May to October

Spring in the Valle d’Itria

March to June

Valle d’Itria green gold: oil and olives from harvest to milling


Four seasons in the Valle d'Itria

Throughout the year


In the heart of Apulia − vineyards, olive trees thousands of years old, luxuriant macchia mediterranea (typical vegetation), ancient masserie, trulli, dry-stone walls and fertile vibrant red earth

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